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Islanded in a Sea of Stars (4×20)

“Losing Hera was just the beginning…”

Admiral Adama tells Helo to let something go. We assume that he’s talking about Hera’s kidnapping. Helo confronts the Admiral and tells him that he is the one who can’t let go. The Galactica is dying.

Scenes of hull breaches and fires, people getting sucked into space.

There’s a shot of them repairing the outter hull of the Galactica before the Admiral says he’s going to stop repairs on the ship.

Colonel Tigh says “I can’t let you do this” to someone. We see Bill Adama crying, likely due to the death or impending death of Laura Roslin.

There’s another shot of Boomer walking through a baseship hallway holding Hera.

It also looks like they put Anders into one of the tanks that hold hybrids on a baseship.

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