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Massive Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica’s Season Three Finale

If you don’t want the last episode of season three ruined, stop reading here!

You’ve been warned.

Seriously! Stop reading here if you don’t want the episode ruined.

* The fleet realizes the Cylons are somehow following it to Earth.

* Tigh talks to Six about it, but their conversation (thanks to Six’s Inner Gaius) turns into a fistfight.

* Anastasia Dualla leaves Lee Adama over Lee’s defense of Baltar.

* Apparently a cult has risen in the fleet identifying Baltar as a prophet of some kind.

* Baltar is not prosecuted for his role in the destruction of the 12 colonies due to lack of hard evidence. He will be tried only for his New Caprica actions.

* Kara’s widower is now training beside Seelix as a pilot.

* The fate of Ellen Tigh comes up in Baltar’s trial.

* Lee and Bill Adama each ask the other to excuse themselves from their roles in Baltar’s trial. The argument escalates until Lee quits the colonial military!

* Roslin dreams of the place Baltar and Six visited on Kobol. Hera is there, and Six and Sharon and Baltar and the Final Five. And it turns out Roslin, Sharon and Six were all having the same dream simultaneously.

* On the stand, Roslin admits she’s back to doing Kamala, because her cancer has returned.

* Anders and Tori have a make-out session.

* Gaeta lies on the stand. He says Baltar never protested when the Cylons told him to sign execution orders.

* Lee proves himself every inch Joseph Adama’s grandson. There is a not-guilty verdict in Baltar’s trial.

* Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Sam Anders and Tory Foster (Roslin’s aide) start hearing low, distracting music a lot of the others don’t hear. Are they four of the Final Five?? (And the music appears to be – GET THIS – Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”!!! How!! But!! WHAT!!!!)

* Adama tells an unhappy Roslin it was his swing vote that freed Baltar.

* Right after the verdict, the Cylons attack! The entire fleet loses power!

* Baltar’s cult whisks him away to safety,

* Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Foster are all independently driven by the Dylan tune to the same launch tube. All four are horrified to come to the conclusion that they’ve all always been Cylons!

* The lights come on. Everyone is ordered to battle stations. Tigh, Tyrol and Anders scramble to their stations.

* Lee too is back in uniform and notices a unidentified craft on the DRADIS. When he investigates, he finds Kara in her viper. She says she’s been to Earth and can show them the way.

I completely regret reading these spoilers. Four of the final five cylon are revealed and they’re within the fleet! Some are up and ups in the fleet as well. I’m going to bed.

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