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get up, eat jelly sandwich bars and barbed wire

January 10th, 2006 1 comment

looky, anton! it worked!

i have no idea how this wordpress works but it is certainly very fancy.. what’s a ping?
how do you link to things on here? how do you do anything on here? holy shit, you can link to amazon stuff? what are those little amazon tag-things? that’s wild.

you asked for a guest post, and that is what you shall have, but i don’t have a clue what to tell you about. i wish i had pictures to post for you, but they’re on my sister’s computer and when we tried to burn them so i could put them on mine it wouldn’t work and asldkfslf yeah. good times.

so i’ll do this, and then you’ll wish i never had and you’ll say please don’t come back and that’s ok cuz i mean it’s your blog, right? think think think. it helps if you put your fingers on your temples when you say that, like pooh, it helps you think better, it’s like rubbing your chin in contemplation, that sort of thing.

so how are things, anton?
you busy around march 28th-ish?
wanna come to texas and go see nine inch nails?
gonna see them in oklahoma city, or OKC if you’re in the know.
it’ll be good, and you can strut like a pimp and we’ll get you a cowboy hat
and you can look like halloween cowboy anton except that it will be spring and not
halloween. what do you say? you can stay here, but you have to make video blogs from my room
that say stuff like HOLY WOW CHRISTY IS WAY AWESOMER THAN I EVER EXPECTED and you have to make it really believable and also wear the cowboy hat while you do it. yep.

i’ll let you sleep on it.

hearts yew,

kitty electricity
(you can call me christy)

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