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Battlestar Galatica Finale: Daybreak

The final two episodes of Battlestar Galactica are set to air over the next two weeks so be sure to catch them on the next two Fridays!

After reading through the thread on SA, here are some of the awesome possible endings.

The series will end with Adama waking up in a row boat with Roslin, realizing it was all a dream, and an unidentified alien ship will blast them into a million pieces. Then Riker will freeze the program and walk out of the holodeck into a bar where God serves him a drink and tells him the jumps will only get harder from here on.

In the end everyone gets hooked up hybrid style and is forever in the matrix!!!

Since most of the sets were already scrapped or sold off, we’re probably not going to get any new BSG after the television movie, The Plan. That and the preview for this week hinted that Adama was going to take the Galactica into a suicide mission. RDM just had to get the Picard maneuver in there.

Gods speed Admiral! Gods speed!

She was a great ship with a fine crew.

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