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Ergo Proxy, I’m Impressed

Ergo Proxy

I’ve never been so impressed with Japanese animation until now. Ergo Proxy was pretty thrilling and the art style was just… great. It’s from the same guys who made Samurai Champloo so you’ve got the Cowboy Bebop experience somewhere in there as well.

It’s set in the distant future after a nuclear holocaust in a domed city named Romdeau. The dome is there to keep the people and robots (autoreivs) protected from the harsh post-nuclear atmosphere but the whole point of the story is: is the dome really there to protect us or to imprison us? Everyone in the city is paired up with an entourage class autoreiv which is supposed to keep everyone in check and safe but when a virus breaks out, the entourages start acting out on their own. That and there’s a monster loose in the city.

Lil Mayar

Ergo Proxy is just cool, it’s one of those end of the world scenarios but with a touch of thriller and mystery. The story starts off with a fight scene and the action continues on for several episodes. Eventually the protagonist, Vincent Law, is setup for a crime he didn’t commit and then the story really takes off.

Lil Mayar in Vincent's apartment

Eventually the characters find out that the world outside the dome isn’t really as bad as they had been told. The thing is, since people are grown rather than born, there are problems with their DNA. The Earth may be recovering but the human race as it is now, is not. There are many domes but as Vincent, Lil, and Pino search out for Mosque, they discover a horrible truth.

Vincent Law at the end of the world?

“I think therefore you are.” Twenty three parts, hoping for a second season, I highly recommend it.

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