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Tigh has an eyepatch!

July 26th, 2006 No comments

Battlestar Galactica AND Nickelback? Fuck yeah.

Tigh has an eyepatch? I hope his eye isn’t like that through the rest of the series heh.

Other trailers:
Cylon Six, complete control.

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Agyeman Confirmed For Who

July 10th, 2006 1 comment

British actress Freema Agyeman will take over from Billie Piper as the sidekick to David Tennant’s Doctor Who in the upcoming third season, the BBC confirmed. Rumors had circulated earlier that the 27-year-old former Crossroads actress would replace Piper, who leaves the show at the conclusion of the current second season, which winds up in England on July 8.

Agyeman will play Martha Jones in the third season (called a “series” in England), which begins production in three weeks for broadcast in the United Kingdom next year.

Agyeman appeared in last week’s second-season penultimate episode “Army of Ghosts,” but as a different character who meets a cruel fate at the hands of the Cybermen.

Care of: NBC.

That song at the end of the episode was pretty rad, eh?

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