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Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST Review!

About a month or so back I mentioned that the Battlestar Galactica Season Two soundtrack was coming out today, I got my copy. Let’s just say that Bear McCreary did another wonderful job on this soundtrack. The electric guitar reminds me of the First Wave soundtrack (a show also filmed in Vancouver, BC) but not exactly. It’s unique in the sense of how it blends “rock instruments”, taiko drums, french horn, and the double bass – it’s just fantastic. I’ve always had a soft spot for the violin… and this album does not disappoint. Unlike some other albums, the orchestral music does actually sound like what they’re titled, “Something Dark is Coming”. Anyway, I mentioned taiko drums, yep! They’re back in a piece called “Scar.” You may also recognize some other elements and themes from the first soundtrack which is expected in a series soundtrack but they’ve only been sampled so you’re not just buying the same disc from before. That or they’ve been updated to make them into a new piece. I was hoping for another “Passacaglia” but I don’t remember hearing anything like it in season two 🙁 but who knows, I haven’t finished listening yet.

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