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It’s on!

October 28th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Epic Battle Begins

So I bought Small Sins. Let’s hope it grows on me.

I’ve listened to “Small Sins” twice now and like Green Day there’s a recurring theme. Well, who wouldn’t want to sing about girls and heart-break?

She’s the source” has caught my attention the most. I particularly enjoyed the way he synched multiple instances of his voice and the overall upbeat melody of the track. He uses a similar method in the track, “We Won’t Last the Winter“, though it’s not nearly as upbeat as the previous. At times the band almost sound like “The Polyphonic Spree” but in other instances like in “At Least You Feel Something” he sounds almost like Neil Young. You can hear all of their influences in the music and there seem to be many. It’s a nice mixing pot of old style and originality.

Its melodic value is high but the one-beat synthesizer hinders its potential. That’s the only problem I have with D’Arcy’s work, it’s synthesized. The lyrics are fantastic but the low-key synth doesn’t do it justice. Though I’m not as an accomplished musician as Thomas D’Arcy is I will suggest using more instruments in the next album. This album’s style contrary to their live performances is bland. Though the songs are good, the album still lacks feeling and charisma. If you want that, check out Thomas’ old band: “The Carnations“.

This album isn’t for everyone but it’s nice to hear this style of music coming back. It’s worth a buy, I liked it, and it’s certainly good for some downtime or a drive around the town.

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