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BCFerries sucks

BCFerries = BAD

Oh my stars. BCFerries has the worst service ever. I was stuck in the lineup for four hours yesterday night and got home at around midnight. I had gone to Victoria the day before and this was my ride home back to the Tsawwassen terminal.

It was kind of interesting though because I bought a model airplane and finished building it way before I got to board the ferry. The car next to mine was filled with some guys from Quebec and they had a bong in the trunk. Yeah, good times.

I checked out the Military and Navy museum and the Air Museum. I looked at that wax museum too and minature world. Minature world was the worst place ever.

Yeah, I’m still tired from having to wait four hours at Swartz Bay so later.

Oh yeah, NF turned one yesterday! But I was stuck in the line.

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  2. Swaggie
    March 5th, 2009 at 09:24 | #2

    I can’t believe the whinging and whining of these complainers. It’s a free world and they are obviously of adult age, if not adult mentality, so why choose to live somewhere that necessitates using the Ferry System?
    They obviously have never travelled abroad otherwise they would appreciate that the BC Ferry System has the lowest Fares of anywhere in World of Ferry Travel and maintains an absolutely excellent, clean and healthy service standard. It would be even more reliable if they could rid themselves of the featherbedding Union that throws a wrench into the system from time to time, for political reasons no doubt.

  3. March 5th, 2009 at 14:40 | #3

    I’m not sure who you’re addressing specifically but if you were talking to me, I rarely take ferries because I live in Vancouver. That trip was just a two day vacation. Though, I don’t see how someone living in an area that requires the use of ferries makes it their fault if the ferry is four hours late.

    I have travelled abroad, perhaps even more than you’d expect, I grew up in three separate countries and have backpacked through a few other continents. I can say that BC Ferries doesn’t have the lowest fares in the “world of ferry travel” but it does maintain a “clean and healthy” service standard when it’s on time.

    While my comment of BC Ferries having the “worst service ever” may have been a bit exaggerated, it does hold some truth. If I recall, they’ve upped their fuel tariffs twice in the last few months yet have failed to remedy anything with the increases. They sank a boat in the last year or two which resulted in two deaths and there was also an ocassion where a ferry didn’t slow down and rammed the dock. They might have also been the ones responsible for selling the “fast ferries” to Seattle for a fraction of the original cost. This was followed by them buying new ferries from Germany even though Vancouver has perfectly good dry docks and manufacturers.

    I wouldn’t put all the blame the Unions, you should take a look at the people running the actual “company.” The people who work the ships and service are generally excellent people but I bet the ones who run BC Ferries don’t even take the ferry.

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